Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nursery Walls Update

The nursery walls are finished!  I never thought this project would end but it finally did and it looks awesome.  It took forever to painstakingly fill all the nail holes and gaps in the trimwork from walls that are not square and "loved" over time.  Then I had to sand everything down, vacuum all the dust, and wash the walls down.  That dust is fine!  Lastly was the paint.  It took me all day to paint the white.  I had to cut in each and every piece of trim but the finished product is so worth it!  I used an angled brush to cut in then used a mini foam roller for the vertical trim and wall space in between.  I have to say I am in love with those foam rollers.  They produce such a fine, even finish and allow you to get really close to each trim piece.  Love them.  Anyway without further adieu...the nursery walls.

We should get the rug tomorrow (yay!!) and the hubs was so excited he put the crib together while I watched TV in bed the other night.  
We still need a mattress and bedding so no final pictures yet but soon!

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  1. Looks Fabulous Darling!! When did you add the wall treatment below the trim? Was it like that before? Jeremy is so cute!


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