Thursday, January 30, 2014

Christmas 2013 is finally done

Well we are finally done celebrating Christmas!!  Our house is small so it is difficult to have everyone up here for Christmas and last year we decided we were done traveling for Christmas.  As a result we tend to stretch out the holiday as long as we can and just let the family come to us when it is convenient for everyone.  We still have our Christmas tree up (dont judge me ;) so it still felt a little Christmas-y opening presents last weekend.  
So before I just do a HUGE photo dump here is how it all went down.  Puddy came up the Sunday before Christmas and stayed until the evening of Christmas night.  We celebrated the actual day of Christmas the four of us and had a blast.  Adelynn was really into it this year and we had so much fun opening presents, making a big breakfast and then hanging out all day in our pjs.  The next day, Gam-maw arrived during nap time and Adelynn got to open presents with her when she woke up.  Then Auntie Tina and Marty came that night and more presents.  Adelynn woke up Friday morning asking if she could open presents.  She had opened them for 2 days straight so naturally it should continue ;)  Nina and Marty stayed until Sunday and then Gam-maw went home Monday night.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Corey came the second weekend in January and then gramma and grandpa came two weeks later.  It worked out great! Adelynn got to enjoy quality time with everyone and of course was ridiculously spoiled!!  Christmas eve we had dinner with a bunch of friends (and Puddy) then headed home to get cookies ready for Santa.  We left cookies and milk for Santa, carrots for his reindeer and a note!  Santa ate all the cookies and even left a note for Adelynn Christmas morning.
There were so many presents under the tree that I think at first Adelynn was a little overwhelmed when she first got downstairs.  She was really quiet and shy at first but she warmed up quick.  She kept saying "look, a bike!  A kitchen momma, whoa look at that big box."  It was so awesome.  Santa brought her a kitchen and a bike this year.
Those two $3 toys from Target Santa in her stocking seriously made her day and were probably her favorite.  The are both little plastic miniature figurines.  One is a care bear and the other a my little pony.  You dont know which specific bear or pony it is until you open the bag.  She loves those stupid little things and we cant leave Target now without one or the other.  She lines them up all across her dresser and if you come to our house the first thing she will ask you "want to see my ponies and my care bears?"  Ridiculous and adorable all in one!
Santa also filled our stockings to the brim.  Even the dogs got hooked up this year!
Momma got a Vitamix! I've been crushing on one for about a year now.  I had casually mentioned it here and there but they are super expensive and I wasn't specific about which model I wanted or what I wanted to do with it. So I totally wasn't expecting one for Christmas at all.  Especially since I didn't see a box under the tree big enough or see a box delivered that could be big enough.  Little did I know the hubs went to the store and bought in person (I'm pretty sure that was the only gift he bought that wasn't purchased online…online shopping is kinda our jam) Anyway he kept it in his car so I wouldn't see the box.  Sneaky sneaky, but oh so wonderful!! 
After we opened all the presents we made breakfast.  First on the menu, one pound of bacon...for four people...and it was gone in 5 minutes.  If you know anything about Puddy, well then you know that bacon is not safe around her.  She can put away some's those good southern roots! We also had scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls, and fresh orange grapefruit juice made with my Vitamix.  It was a delicious feast!
After breakfast we cleaned up all the trash, put some toys together and played all day.  We might have even watched a movie or two.  It was a nice relaxing day.
The next day she got to open more presents with Gam-maw
A few months before Christmas, we took Adelynn to have her silhouette done.  She sat very still for about 90 seconds while the artist cut her silhouette.  It was amazing to watch.  That was one of the presents this year for the grandparents!  I think they liked it ;)
Auntie Tina and Uncle Marty gave Adelynn her first pair of heels ;) Little pink, sparkly, Minnie Mouse dress shoes and she loves them.  She wants to wear them all the time.  Snow, rain, 5 degrees outside...doesnt matter...she is pretty understanding when I tell her no, she has to wear her boots because the polar vortex is occurring but she will ask to wear them as soon as we are home!
Another pretty skirt from Mary and Corey.  All Adelynn wears are skirts or dresses.  She wears leggings underneath but she pretty much refuses to wear regular pants.  I cant blame her really.  That's all I wear too (and my jeggings...cant survive without those!).  Give me a dress, sweater tights and some boots and I am a happy camper.  The munchkin is the same way.  
Gramma and grandpa brought some of dada's childhood toys and stuffed animals for Adelynn.  I think the big monster was called "my monster" and belonged to Jeremy as a child.  He is goofy looking but Adelynn seems to like him so far.  We have been going through this monster phase lately so the silly monster is a good monster to have around!
We had a great Christmas this year and so glad we got to stretch it out and really enjoy the season.  After all it is about love, joy and spending time with those that mean the most to you right??  Well, I would say with all the aforementioned activities with friends and family, we definitely checked all those boxes!!!


  1. What a great long celebration!!! It looks like you all had a wonderful christmas!! The christmas season comes and goes so fast and we're all always so busy ~ I love that you guys stretched it out and made to most of it. : ) I can't get over how much she has grown ~ super cute.

    1. Time goes by so fast these days!! I know you are all too familiar with that ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, heels! I saw some Cinderella ones in target a while back with the girls and had to distract them quickly because I knew they'd want them. So many fun things! Did she like the singing castle? The girls have been playing with theirs for over a year now.

    1. Oh yeah I'm glad we kept that castle to give her...she does love it and plays with it almost every day before or after school! I've even heard her singing the tune it plays! Ha!!


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