Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowy days and homemade playdoh

We got pummeled yesterday with another snow storm.  Probably close to 8 inches or so…really hard to tell because the wind was vicious!  The worst part though it the extreme cold.  It is 4 degrees outside this morning!!  Yesterday I had to work the first part of the day so dada was home with Adelynn.  They pretty much hunkered down in the basement with the heater and watched movies all morning. So when I got home I tried to think of something different we could do.  Monday we made cookies which was fun and delicious but the baking is killing my waistline!  I did a quick Pinterest (what would I do without Pinterest…seriously!) search and found this recipe for playdoh
Super quick and easy AND Adelynn could help me!  I halved the recipe and then made three batches.  One purple, one pink and a blue.  Then dumped out all my cookies cutters and used an old baking sheet.  She loved it and we had so much fun.  I remember my mom making playdoh with us as kids.   Gotta love an activity that never goes out of style.  At 6:20 this morning Adelynn was in my room asking if we could go make some more bunnies (the bunny cookie cutter was her favorite).  First mix all your ingredients together then slowly heat. Keep stirring constantly until ball forms.
Then dump on the counter and kneed until it becomes like playdoh consistency.
Once it cools let the kiddos go to town!
After an hour or so of playdoh we took a nap then bundled up and headed outside.  We weren't out long since it was so cold but she had so much fun!!
This morning her school is on a delayed opening and so is my work so we are hunkered down in the basement again!  I am hoping they close post again!!!  Cross your fingers for us!


  1. Fun colors! I haven't done this in forever since people keep buying the girls playdough, but I prefer the homemade kind. fun that Adelynn helped! try some extracts (peppermint, maple syrup, vanilla, orange) for making pretend food.

    1. That's a really good idea...does the syrup make it sticky though?

  2. Fun idea - who doesn't love play dough?! Looks like it turned out great, too!

  3. oh, I mean actual maple syrup extract. can you believe they make such a thing?

  4. Lucky lil girl has such a creative energetic mommy!! And suggles with daddy....great snow day....yall got a lot of snow....thx for the pics!!!


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